May 29th: Lake Union

On a beautiful afternoon in Seattle I was out just driving and looking, but when I went past the Sunnyside Avenue boat ramp at the north end of Lake Union the ramp was open and despite the crowd on the water, there was a parking spot right there. I couldn't pass it up.

Bumpy but busy.

Lake Union was bumpy but busy.

Gasworks towers.

I put the kayak in and paddled west toward Gasworks Park, scooting around the ends of marina docks and dodging other paddlers. We were all social distancing.

Kite hill.

Waterway 19, the inlet next to Gasworks Park.

A heron posed on a log.

When out walking, I'd noticed pretty little Waterway 19, an inlet off the lake with houseboats on one side and the park on the other.

The park on the water is a habitat demonstration project.

I slowly paddled up to the end of the waterway.

A pair of Manitou Sports paddled past. My boat!

The Sunnyside ramp.

Paddling back, I continued toward the sound of traffic on the freeway bridge, then gave it up and returned to the ramp.

A fine little outing at last.

Reference Seattle's Lakes, Bays, and Waterways Afoot and Afloat, by Marge and Ted Mueller.

A few days later I revisited familiar Squak Slough.

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