May 22nd: Deception Pass sea-caves

I'd read of sea-caves just north of Bowman Bay and thought I'd take a look. It was unexpectedly foggy when I parked the car, so I waited a few minutes until the fog started to clear, then put in and paddled along in sight of shore.

Foggy pier at Bowman Bay.

Sharpe Cove.

Fishermen in the fog.

I'd been hearing disembodied voices, when two boats appeared out of the fog.

Looking back toward the largest sea-caves.

The fog began to clear as I paddled past Northwest Island. As I explored the caves, the water stayed glassy, with gentle swells. Only a couple of waves from a passing boats were big enough that I felt the need to play it safe and turn the kayak to face into them.

Although the large and shallow caves weren't quite what I had expected, the coast was certainly interesting and the trip enjoyable. (South of Bowman Bay the bit of coastline between Reservation Head and Lighthouse Point is more intimate and varied.)

Urchin Rocks below Rosario Head.

The larger Urchin Rocks below, Northwest Island, and a little of the cave-y coast to its right, from Rosario Head.

On the way back, a loud exhale behind the boat revealed a curious Harbor Seal. A couple of small porpoises or dolphins briefly showed their backs and dorsal fins, although not long enough to identify them. They might have been Harbor Porpoises.

I landed the boat in the bight of Rosario Beach. Under a blue sky I hiked up Rosario Head for views in all directions, before hiking down and paddling around the headland back into Bowman Bay. (See a chart).

A few days later I revisited the Iris marsh off Sammamish River.

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