June 7th: Snee-oosh Beach to Hope Island

From the old boat launch, Snee-oosh Beach curves up to Snee-oosh Point, with Hope Island beyond to its left.

In October 2015 I paddled from Cornet Bay, just east of Deception Pass, around Hoypus Point to Skagit Bay and Hope Island, circled the island, and paddled back to Cornet Bay. That seven mile round trip was made easier by using the tidal currents both coming and going.

But the Swinomish tribe's Snee-oosh Beach is closer to Hope Island, not even a mile, and has a better name, too. So this time I put in there.

Looking back to Snee-oosh Point and the beach, over the rather confused chop of the little rip between Snee-oosh and Hope Island.

On both flood and ebb tides, rip currents form over shallows off both ends of Hope Island. My first time here, while starting back I'd let the ebbing current pull me into the little rip off the island's west point.

Today, my direct line to Hope Island's northeast corner had me crossing another choppy rip, this time between Snee-oosh Point and the island.

Approaching the NE corner of Hope Island, with Mount Erie (on Fidalgo Island) in the distance.

Across the rip, I headed for the northeast corner of the island, accompanied by a trio of guillemots.

The pretty little headland on the southeast corner of Hope Island. The chart shows kelp off the eastern shore of the island, although I saw none.

As the sun finally broke through, I paddled south along the alternately rocky and beachy east shore to the interesting headland on the island's southeast corner.

Off the southeast headland of Hope Island.

I rounded the rocky headland to look at the south shore, then turned back to round the point and paddle back along the island's east shore.

East shore of Hope Island

On the east shore of Hope Island, the white sand beach was shaded by firs and more marvelous madronas.

On the north side of Hope Island.

An aerial of Hope Island's southeast point shot at very low tide. Tx Washington state's Coastal Atlas.

I wondered what the rip would be like on the return, so after a peek around the corner to the north side, I started back. As it turned out, the rip was not an issue.

Like nearby Skagit Island, Hope Island is in Deception Pass State Park and has a water trails campsite on its north side. There was a cruiser anchored out my first time there, too.

Busy for a few weeks with a couple of short roadtrips (planning, going, and recovering), in late July I again daytripped into the mountains for a short walk to Big Four ice caves.

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