July 6: Blue Ridge

A fishy school. Unfortunately, I don't know which fish.

After parking the car, while walking back through the marina to the Eddie Vine boat ramps I watched schools of fingerling fish in the emerald-green water.

Once on the water myself, I paddled north to Meadow Point again, but this time continued on to the beaches of Blue Ridge. (Blue Ridge isn't a ridge; it's a gated community nestled in a small valley above the Sound halfway between Golden Gardens and Carkeek Parks.)

Clearing the breakwater, Meadow Point in the distance.

Beached for a break.

For the whole length of the trip, small surf over the low-tide shallows provided interest, with splashy water tens of yards off the beach to play in, or to avoid.

As I paddled along the Blue Ridge beach, I realized I'd missed the lagoons and pools that made it such a great place for a walk. But watching waders and skimboarders I decided against beaching there today.

Off Meadow Point.

From Blue Ridge I worked my way back to Meadow Point, surfing and playing in the waves that built and ran across the shallows -- while getting a little wet. At the Point I beached the boat on its sandspit island to dry off in the sun, eat brunch, and go tide-pooling.

In shallow water off Meadow Point.

An Eelgrass sea hare and its rectangular egg mass.

After searching, a lady found an Eelgrass sea hare and shared her discovery with me. We then found its eggs all over the eelgrass. The pretty animal is a gastropod sea slug -- note its two dark "antennas", actually rhinophores, used for smell.
See wallawalla.edu. A week later I revisited Squak Slough.

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