August 26: Jetty Island

Out the ramps and under a pedestrian bridge.

This time, after a five year hiatus, I put in at the 10th Street marina in Everett and paddled a mile north up the navigation channel that runs between the city's harbor and Jetty Island. I mostly stayed on the channel's east, city side, and it was a lucky thing I did, as two tugs powered up the other side west of me.

She's pushing two gravel barges.

Unencumbered, a smaller tug plowed up Jetty Island's shore.

Besides the two tugs, there was little traffic up the channel, certainly not enough to disturb these two young Ospreys.

With a half hour of diligent paddling I rounded the north end of the island to continue south along its western shore, now paddling over the shallow, sandy bottom that sloped out into Puget Sound for most of a hundred yards. A short while later I eased past the end of its long sandspit, and into Jetty Island's shallow lagoon.

A raucous mob of Caspian Terns took over a sandbar in the island's lagoon.

Beached in the lagoon on Jetty Island.

I beached the boat, ate lunch, and stared around for a while. A couple of kiteboards appeared to the south. The breeze was picking up, plus the tide was now going out. I hurriedly started to climb back aboard the kayak and promptly dumped myself, and my camera, into six inches of water. [Deleted.]

Twenty minutes later I headed back up across the shallows, now decorated with building and occasionally breaking waves sweeping in from the Sound to rock my boat. They do keep you awake. Coming around the north end of the island the waves were at my back and I could surf a little.

Back down the channel, now on the island side, a large log raft was being used as a haulout by dozens of California sea lions. The few in the water gave me a once-over as I paddled by.

Mount Baker pointed the way north, out of the lagoon.

Reference kayaking puget sound and the san juan islands by Rob Casey, The Mountaineers 2012.

Two days later I revisited Deception Pass State Park.

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