August 3: Pass Lake and Rosario Head

Pass Lake.

The Saturday traffic was so bad that driving north on I-5 was mostly stop-and-go. When I finally got to Deception Pass State Park, parking at Bowman Bay seemed unlikely, so I bailed out for a paddle, with good parking and an easy launch, on conveniently close Pass Lake.

Up the lake and back the trip was only about two miles long, but it did get me on the water. Ignoring nearby Hiway 20, the pretty setting for Pass Lake has a coastal feel.

Looking north from Rosario Head over Urchin Rocks and Northwest Island.

After the paddle, I drove to Rosario Beach. Despite the weekend crowd, I found parking for the short and scenic walk up Rosario Head.

Two days later I made the drive to Bowman Bay for a bit of adventure.

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