Cascade Canyon, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.

Cascade Canyon, Grand Teton National Park. Click for an enlargement.

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The links here are to a hundred or so illustrated reports of my recent excursions around Washington state, plus a number of old adventures in the mountains of the greater Pacific Northwest.

The trips are listed in chronological order, with the most recent at the bottom. I hope you find them both informative and enjoyable.

If you have a specific place in mind, then a word-search in the box above should work, even if interpreted too literally by Google. As always, you can right-click any link for a menu.

ten climbs

The late 1970s and '80s were my mountaineering heydays, with over a hundred summits plus countless crag climbs and backcountry rambles. While most of these excursions were in my home ranges in Washington state, I also rambled around and climbed a little in four other western states. Unfortunately, I photographed relatively few climbs and have scanned far fewer. These ten climbs, plus the climbing trip just below, will serve as a sample of those.

  1. A tale is offered along with Dome Peak over Cub Lake, 1977, my photo of the classic climbing approach.
  2. Lundin Peak West Ridge, March 1979, was in the clouds.
  3. Mount Adams North Ridge variation, July 1979, had us dodging rockfall.
  4. Bandit Peak East Face, June 1979, was a possible first ascent of an easy new route.
  5. Teewinot South Ridge, September 1979, is suggested as an easy classic.
  6. Mount Triumph NE Ridge, 1983, has the southern Picket Range as a backdrop.
  7. Narrow Arrow Overhang, 1983, saw us practicing aid climbing.
  8. Cutthroat Peak South Buttress, 1983, is documented with a half-dozen bad pictures.
  9. A comment follows my web styling of Beckey's North Face of the North Peak of Mount Index, also done in 1983.
  10. Yellowjacket Tower NW Face, 1987, now nicely documented, was another possible first.
a climbing trip through Idaho to Wyoming

A 1979 road trip, hiking and climbing in southern Idaho and northwest Wyoming, is illustrated and described in three linked pages, written up in 2011 from notes made on the trip.

  1. Two Sawtooth Scrambles and a Teton Walk,
  2. Second Time's the Charm on Teewinot,
  3. and A Week in the Wind River Range.
telemark tracks

The late 1980s and early '90s were the best years for my freeheel skiing. But Telemark tracks is a page with just four scans of pictures taken during off-piste backcountry excursions in Washington's Cascade Range, to accompany a bit of personal ski history.

two road trips to Wyoming

In 2002 and 2003 I wrote up two road trips to the northern Rockies.

  1. A Road Trip to Wyoming is a long travelog describing a ten day road trip to Yellowstone and the Tetons.
  2. Buying Sandals in Cody, Wyoming, describes a longer road trip to the northern Rocky Mountains.
short road trips in Washington, kayaking and hiking

In May 2016 I began posting linked reports of short road trips camping, hiking and kayaking around Washington state, from the scablands of eastern Washington to the Pacific coast. About fifty kayaking and walking excursions are described in these seventeen pages.

  1. In late May 2016, I poked around the potholes and channeled scablands of Columbia Plateau.
  2. That was followed in early June with a short trip over the North Cascades to Twisp River country.
  3. A few days later, it was Teanaway River country that got my attention.
  4. And finally in late June, I revisited Table Mountain and looked around Lake Wenatchee.
  5. In mid-July I kayaked both ends of Lake Wenatchee, including a couple of miles up White River to the weir.
  6. A week later I finally explored the area around Salt Creek and Freshwater Bay on the Strait of Juan de Fuca.
  7. In early August a few days hiking in Mount Rainier National Park provided a break from the water.
  8. A week after that I came back to the Strait of Juan de Fuca for a couple days of kayaking, plus one great walk and some nosing around.
  9. Late August saw a return to the Strait for more kayaking, tidepooling, and a drive to Clallam Bay.
  10. And finally, in September I visited Marrowstone Island and went swimming at Twin Rivers on the Strait.
  1. After a long, wet winter and spring, in May 2017 I headed east to the Potholes to paddle Hutchinson and Shiner Lakes.
  2. Trips in late May and early June followed with eastside adventures (and misadventures) at Deep Lake, Northrup Point, and Thunder Arm.
  3. In late June I made camp for four nights at Salmon La Sac to paddle Cooper and Tucquala Lakes.
  4. And in early July I camped five nights in Olympic National Park, exploring the Strait of Juan de Fuca and twice visiting Obstruction Point, high in the mountains.
  1. Caught up on my reading, in early May 2018 I headed east to give proper attention to both Frenchman Hills Wasteway and Shiner Lake.
  2. Late May's marginal weather in Puget Sound sent me east once more to Sun Lakes country, to paddle Northrup Point and Vic Meyers Lake, and walk to the Lake Lenore caves.
  3. Deciding it was about time, in June I finally headed for the Pacific coast, although it took a few days to get there.
day trips around Seattle

When I bought a kayak in August 2014, I started keeping track of my trips in or near Seattle, mostly kayaking but some hiking, in the linked pages of a very wordy Kayak Journal. Less verbose trip reports were added starting in 2017.

animals of golden gardens park

When spending the day here in Seattle, I've often just hung out at one of the city's saltwater beach parks, including Golden Gardens Park. I've justified my sloth while there as "animal observation," which has resulted in Animals of Golden Gardens Park.

exercises in nostalgia
  1. The somewhat saccharine Another Dog Story introduces old Cap and his pups, Dolly and Emily, then links to...
  2. ...Animal Tales from Horseshoe Lake, which begins with dry description, but tries for a certain tone.

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